We offer:

Transhipment/Cargo Accumulation

   Our company provides services for cargo transhipment and freight forwarding in Berdyansk Sea Trade Port and Oil Transhipment Terminal.

   Our qualified staff is mainly focused on the professional and effective methods of work, an individual approach to each client and their problems and wishes, as well as properly informing the Customer in relation to all matters before the start of any services.

   Shipping - the oldest form of international transport. World Ocean has long been used by mankind as a major transportation artery. The advantages of shipping are the costs, sufficient mobility, large cargo volumes, ensuring the proper security of goods in transit. Thus, maritime transport is the safest and most beneficial when transporting goods over long distances. Now it is difficult to imagine a maritime journey alone by itself as a service, not as a main link in the international multimodal transport of goods. Namely, the ability to competently and professionally smoothly combine the work of maritime transport, land services, carriers, vendors and customers, this is the main goal of our company.

   ‘Agro-KLASS’ ltd together with "Flask" ltd, in service for the organization of international transport of goods from door to door, is pleased to offer our clients shipping services from anywhere in the world, logistics, maritime law, advice on foreign trade, brokerage services as well as shipping agents services.

   Maritime transport include a range of services, provided by ‘Agro-KLASS’:

    Delivery from the shipper’s warehouse to the port of departure
    registration of all necessary documentation
    port charges in the country of origin
    port freight forwarding in the destination country
    delivery from the port to the consignee's warehouse

      Employees are constantly monitoring the movement of goods of our customers, and are always ready to provide information about location and condition of the cargo in transit, wherever it is. By working with 'Agro-KLASS' in the field of shipping, you will get quality service at affordable rates.

   We are ready to offer the following range of services:

    Handling and shipping of goods in bulk in Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port;
    Handling and shipping of grain cargoes in Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port for direct wagon-to-ship option;
    Handling and shipping bulk cargo via the oil transhipment terminal in Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port;
    Handling and shipping bulk cargo via the oil transhipment terminal in Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port for cistern-to-ship option;
    The accumulation and storage of liquid cargo inside the tanks of oil transhipment terminal;
    The possibility of receiving the cargo entering the port on rail and road transport;
    Organization of cargo inspection by all necessary authorities;
    A complete set of the required certification for cargo;
    Customs clearance;
    Advice on Law of the Sea
    Assistance in the drafting of contracts and management of foreign economic activity
    Other services related to forwarding the concurrent consignment;

     At present, the information technologies play vital role in the freight forwarding sphere. With the proper software, a freight forwarder has the ability to respond promptly to customer orders related to the carriage of goods, prepare the necessary documentation for the transportation and, most importantly, to have a single database of information on current and planned activities. We can also provide information about the location of your cargo moving to the port, the location of your vessel and follow a planned approach to the port.

   Based on the experience gained during the development of corporate information systems for transport companies, we have created a way of business conduct which, in our view, will simplify the operational and financial accounting.

In the course of our cooperation, Your opinion feedback is of utmost importance to us!
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