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Sea Security

In order to comply with the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, SOLAS-74 International Convention and Cabinet’s of Ministers of Ukraine legislation, we have created the security system of oil transshipment terminal.

Our oil transhipment terminal is located on Berth No. 6 in Berdyansk Sea Trade Port. It is certified as a separate facility and possesses the official number and name:

Port Facility UAERD-0002 ‘Agro-KLASS ltd Oil Transhipment terminal’ with Security Level 1.

Preservation and protection of the port facility and ship while at berth, against acts of unlawful interference is provided by a port facility security. Authorized officer for the protection of the port facility is a port facility security officer. During the performance of his services, the security officer conducts the communications with the Sea Port Security, the State border Guards and Customs Service, Security Service of Ukraine, Internal Affairs Departments and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Each vessel that falls under Chapter X1-2 of SOLAS-74 and plans to enter the port is monitored and required to submit, in a timely manner, at the request of officials in charge of the port facility security, an established a list of information.

Each vessel that has entered the port becomes a subject of security inspection which is conducted by the port facility security officer. In order to assess the level of security measures on the vessel, the security officer is obliged to inspect the established security measures. The security officer, together with the Captain, decides on the required security measures followed by the production of Security Declaration. The vessel will be clear for cargo operations only after such inspection was conducted.

The presence of third parties on the oil transhipment terminal is strictly prohibited during the cargo operations.


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