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Sea Agency Services

''FLASK Limited'' in one of the shareholders of ''Agro-KLASS Limited''.

The routine vessel's entry into the sea port requires the execution of certain operations which are ultimately connected with the purpose of such entry (loading/discharging the cargo, bunkering etc). Apart from that, certain additional operations may rise during the vessel's entry into the port. Such operations include the execution of various formalities along with soliciting the calculations and payments. Some of these operations require the preparatory work to be done before the vessel's actual arrival. Other operations, on the other hand, are being completed after the vessel leaves. It is clear that it would be extremely troublesome for the captain or the shipowner to comply with all the numerous requirements and formalities by themselves. For these reasons shipowners make use of the ship agent's services, which help to assure the higher quality of dealing with all the requirements which are mentioned above.

''FLASK Limited'' provides the full set of professional agency services in Berdyansk Sea Trade Port and also services during the transit through Kerch-Enikal'skiy Channel.

During our work as sea agents (which has stardet in 1998) we have gained the considerable degree of knowledge and large amount of experience. We have established a close links with port authorities and stevedore companies, which aids us in the sphere of protecting the shipowner's interests in sea ports of Ukraine.

Our company provides services for all types of sea vessels, however the major part of vessels which are being processed are tankers. During our course of business, over 200 shipowning companies has become our partners. This list includes companies like: Plamali Shipping, Mardeniz Shipping Management Co., Sicilnavi SRL, Mediterranea di Navigazione SPA, Chemfleet, Transal Denizcelik Ticaret A.S. , Iberica Tanker Chartering S.L., Vesta LTD, Clipper Wonsild Tankers, Simonsen Chartering ApS, Sea Partner, Skymar Shipping Co., Graneco Shipping, Trans Ka Tankers Co. and others. This includes the following vessels: mt Kazan, mt YM Earth, mt Mardeniz, mt Kardemir, mt Nave Cosmos, mt YM Venus, mt Othello, mt Vindemia, mt Pazar, mt Old wine, mt Mithat Vardal, mt Emin Reis, mt Harbour Krystal, mt Chem Hydra, mt Soley-3, mt Shusha, mt Palflot, mt Ayse-S, mt Zuga, mt Orarose, mt Kemal Ka, mt Clipper Leader, mt Wappen von Frankfurt, mt Yazan Z, mt Dong-A-Tyche, mt Dicle Deniz, mt Blue Garnet, mt Chem World, mt Sveva, mt Oriental Freesia, mt Cosmo, mt YM Mars, mt RC Behar, mt Songa Eagle, mt Sichem Pandora, mt Veysel Vardal and many others.

Our company provies a wide range of services related to sea agency sphere:

  • time-efficient calculation of disbursement account proforma and the provision of the final account   with all primary documentation after the vessel’s departure.
  • execution of all the formalities and requirements which are connected to port entry/departure, such as: custom and sanitary checks, payment of the state established tariffs and so on.
  • -timely provision of tug boats and pilots.
  • assistance in relation to planning and commencing cargo operations
  • arranging the supply of fresh water, food reserves and other supplies.
  • assisting the captain in establishing links with port authorities and local authorities.
  • the change of crew and repatriation.
  • providing the shipowner with timely information in relation to vessel’s arrival, the conduct of cargo operations and other important circumstances which are connected to the vessel’s stay inside the port, the departure of the vessel and the quantity of cargo on board.
  • payment of all the necessary taxes and tariffs on behalf of the shipowner.
  • providing the cargo owner and the captain with all the necessary information in relation to concurrent rules and procedures inside the sea port on a regular basis.
  • the preparation the processing of documents.
  • execution of tasks which were given by captain or the shipowner.
  • any assistance necessary 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

During the course of its business, ‘FLASK Limited’ is acting with compliance to Ukrainian legislation, international conventions and maritime law provisions. Our company promises to minimise the Principal’s expenses by way of optimal solution of tasks given and provision of efficient and high-quality services.





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