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Railroad Logistics

FLASK ltd’s rail access system consists of 2 railways, which are connected to rail infrastructure of Berdyansk Sea Trade Port. FLASK ltd fully owns its rail access ways.

The discharge of the rail tank is carried through the lower draining device with dispensing device which is equipped with flexible hoses, followed by pumping the shore tanks with electric pump which is capable of maintaining the rate between 100 to 450 cubic meters per hour. It is possible to simultaneously discharge the sunflower seed oil from 8 rain tanks in two hours. The overall daily processing capacity is 55 rain tanks (3630 tons).

The processing of rail tanks and sunflower oil discharge are being commenced on the basis of instructions which are agreed with the management of Directorate of Zaporozhye branch of Dnieper Railway and Berdyansk Sea Trade Port.

Our business with the shippers of sunflower seed oil is based on contracts which provide for delivery of sunflower oil in rail tanks, as well as the procedure for the return of owned or leased tanks to the point of subsequent loading. Each month (before the 20th) a plan of cargo delivery is being made with the participation of Berdyansk Sea Trade Port, which includes the delivery of sunflower oil for the next month. In some cases, when it is necessary, we conduct additional negotiations with the port related to the delivery of sunflower seed oil during a month. The consignor conducts the loading/discharge operations, based on the plan and daily schedule, with the subsequent registration of electronic shipping documents using the AC Client of Ukrainian Railroads and also notifies FLASK limited about the quantity of rain tanks loaded and overall tonnage which was processed during 24 hours in question. Once the rail tanks with the cargo arrive, our employee processes all the relevant document using the Ukrainian Railroads electronic client followed by delivery of the rail tanks to FLASK ltd access system where they are being subsequently discharged. After the discharge is complete, our employee conducts the registration of electronic documents, provided that the shipper has given the relevant written instructions.

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